Here you will find a long list of all our favorite dog and dog breed books. All of them come highly recommended from Renee and the team.

The Complete Dog Breed Book


This immersive book tells you all you need to know about just about any breed under the sun. Complete with images, temperament descriptions and all, you will be able to find a breed that best suits your personality when you buy it.

Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds


This new and updated version of the Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds has an updated list of breeds acknowledged by the American Kennel Club. Along with illustrations, information on temperament you can expect all you need to know whether you are a dog lover, owner or trainer.

The Dog Encyclopedia: The Definitive Visual Guide


With information and beautiful visuals on more than 400 different dog breeds, you’ll be well-informed about which breed to get. It also provides expert advice on what to feed your best friend, how to groom him as well as typical health issues and how to deal with it.

The Complete Dog Book


This book by the American Kennel Club is considered as their definitive bible of dogs. Expect detailed information on breeds, standards and change in breed classifications. The Complete Dog Book holds valuable information on every breed recognized by the American Kennel Club.

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