The Tibetan Mastiff: What You Need to Know About this Giant Breed

Rare dog breeds can be a bit on the expensive side when it comes to pricing and vet bills. But, as with getting any new dog, you’ll need to do some research first to see whether or not the breed’s temperament and other traits will fit in with your household.

If you have always wanted a Tibetan Mastiff to be part of your family, you’d probably have to do some digging first. In this post we’ll share the most common traits of Tibetan Mastiffs.

1. Lots of Exercise and Space

If you live in a tiny apartment, then getting a Tibetan Mastiff is not the way to go. As they were bred to protect herds and property, they love wide open spaces and being outdoors. They are a giant breed, which means he will take up a lot of space.

2. Can Be a Bit Aggressive

As Tibetan Mastiffs were bred to keep properties and herds safe, they have an aggressive streak in them. This can be countered by training and putting your foot down as the leader of the pack. Be aware however that they don’t necessarily get along with other people or pets. This aggressiveness is usually evident in their chewing activity as well. They’ll chew through practically anything and it’s best to give them long-lasting chew treats. Make sure to buy a bulk of bully sticks for your power chewer.

3. Training is Crucial

Even though some breeds have distinct temperaments, some training can do wonders. As the breed may be aggressive, it is of utmost importance that you take him for training and ensure socialization is taken care of from the get-go. This will curb his aggression and ensure he gets along better with others.

4. Strong-Willed and Stubborn

Training a Tibetan Mastiff is going to take grit and patience. The breed is known to be stubborn and strong-willed and you will have to make it clear who is the boss. This can be achieved with rigorous training and consistency in everything you teach him.

5. Dog Hair Everywhere

Let’s face it, it’s a giant breed with a beautiful long-haired coat. And they shed, a lot. You need to be prepared to either live with fluff and hair everywhere, or groom and brush him on a regular basis. They also bark if left unsupervised, and slobber is another part of the package you’ll have to live with.

If you are still keen on getting a Tibetan Mastiff, keep in mind that as a rare breed, you may have a difficult time finding one. They can also be quite expensive. If you push through, you may want to invest in a great brush for grooming. And, here are some extra tips on training your Tibetan Mastiff.


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